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    Generous Hands Accomplisments 2015-2016

  1. Purchased $11,752.00 worth of food for the Friday packs from the Food Bank of South Central Michigan in Battle Creek.
  2. Bought an additional $12,227.00 worth of food for Friday packs from Sam's Club and Meijers.
  3. Reimbursed $55,979.00 worth of vouchers for bread, eggs, milk, fruit and vegetables purchased by Vicksburg Generous Hands families at our local Family Fare Supermarket (this is double the amount from the previous year!).
  4. Paid $3110.00 to vendors at the 2016 Vicksburg Farmers' Market for the purchase of fruit, vegetables, meat and cheese by the Generous Hands families enrolled in our summer program.
  5. Partnered with South County Community Services to host the Strengthening Families Community Picnic in May 2016.
  6. Partnered with South County Community Services and Bubs 73 to hold the 9th annual Backpack Bonanza in August 2016.
  7. Had 878 adults and 437 youth volunteers who logged over 2042 hours at Generous Hands.
  8. Received over 10,235 pounds of food and 1332 pounds of non-food donations from the community.
  9. Participated in the 2016 Vicksburg Community Tailgate event.
  10. Hosted the 4th Annual Fall Extravaganza, raising over $8000 for our Farmer's Market Voucher Program.


The Generous Hands Story

Generous Hands, Inc. is a small, non-profit organization, based in Vicksburg, Michigan, committed to helping families in time of need. In 2004 ten women in a local Bible study made a commitment to Vicksburg children to provide backpacks of food to those at risk to go hungry on the weekends. Our plan was simple, our concern was genuine, and the Vicksburg community supported us every inch of the way. That first year, twenty children at Sunset Lake Elementary School benefited from our commitment. Expansion to all five schools in the Vicksburg Community Schools district resulted in exponential growth of the Friday Pack program, so that during the 2015-2016 school year, over 330 Vicksburg children (and 148 children in surrounding communities where concerned citizens purchased Friday received weekly backpacks of food.

Generous Hands provides other benefits to the Vicksburg community as well. We have educated our community about hunger (more than 1 in 5 Michigan children live in poverty per 2015 Kids Count data from the Annie E. Casey Foundation). We have taught many children (and adults) about the value of community service, and provided a tangible way for concerned citizens to help hungry children. We have educated both children and adults about nutrition and what a healthy diet looks like. We have encouraged our Friday Pack families to make healthier food choices by providing weekly coupons for milk, bread and eggs at our local Family Fare store, and coupons for meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables at our local Farmer's Market. Finally, we have demonstrated that difficult community problems can be addressed by concerned, ordinary people.

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